Routes to Bose-Einstein Condensation at Room Temperature

PROJECT FP7 IRSES  230832 2009-2012

Project ROBOCON 2009-12  (Routes to Bose-Einstein Condensation at Room Temperature) is developed in frame of Marie Curie Mobility program FP7-IRSES.  The project consortium includes European and Partner institutions from five countries: Italy, France, UK, Morocco, Brazil and has the objective to consider the possibility and realization of such phenomena as Bose-Einstein condensation (BEC) in three,  different systems:
  •  Carbon-based systems: Graphite, Graphene and Nanotubes
  • Exciton-Polariton excitations in semiconductors
  • Perovskite Oxides close to Metal-Insulator transition

that demonstrate the very common feature: the Bose statistic of current (mass) carriers and have the tendency to form the condensed superconducting or/and superfluid state at high temperatures. It is this feature unified the Consortium Members with the final objective to understand the realization of BEC phenomena on the experimental and theoretical level in the proposed systems and elaborate the practical recommendations for their further applications in industry. Three Work Packages (WPs) were selected according to the mentioned above experimental systems. Each WP included the experimental and theoretical tasks as well as complimentary training of ESRs and ERs in Partner institutions, including the dissemination of acquired knowledge.  The main results achieved in course of the Project are as follows.

 The results of the Project were published as 55 articles in the highest impact international journals and disseminated in 68 scientific conferences, mostly as invited and plenary talks.   Substantial part of publications and conference talks was done under bi- and multilateral co-participation of Consortium members.

 7 Conferences and workshops, and 2 ESRs training schools were organized in frame of the project. The outside researchers were also involved in this training activity due to attraction of the external matching funds, notably from UNESCO and International Institute of Physics (Brazil).

 6 dissertations, including 2 PhD thesis and 1 Habilitation thesis, jointly co-supervised by ROBOCON Partners were delivered up to the end of the Project.

 The widespread research network “Mediterranean Electronic Materials MeM”  that unifies the ERA and North Africa researchers countries was created to achieve the objective of the Project, ensure the continuation of the work and achieve the knowledge and technology transfer between REA and Mediterranean neighbor countries.

General Coordinator Olivia Pulci
Scientific Coordinator  Igor Lukyanchuk